MMA Instructor Beats Up Robber (VIDEO)

Smash Gyms MMA Instructor came home to find a burglar in his home. It did not end well for the bad guy!

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By Ken Pritchett and

If Brian Khun had not forgotten his martial arts uniform at home, his day would have been far different.

Thursday morning Khun was traveling between the two martial arts studios where he teaches kickboxing and MMA fighting when he decided to go home and pick up his uniform.

With his 5-year-old daughter right behind him, Brian entered his San Jose home to find a burglar in his dining room.

Brian says the man stood up and said, “Hey, this guy let me in.”

Worried for his daughter’s safety and seeing a pry bar in the man’s hand, Brian says he grabbed the burglar.

“I grabbed him to take him outside, he didn’t want to go, so then we started fighting.”

Brian says he delivered several punches, kneed him, put his head through a window, then dragged him outside in a headlock.

Neighbors, hearing a commotion, came outside and called 9-1-1.

“He was holding him down, waiting for police,” said neighbor Patricia McHarris, “it was pretty scary.”

McHarris has high praise for her neighbor calling his actions amazing.  San Jose Police arrested the man whose face was bloodied and swollen.

Khun says he wouldn’t recommend others try to confront a burglar if it can be avoided.

“Just sort of relieved that it ended the way that it did. That it didn’t end badly for me or my family,” said Khun.



Smash Gyms specializes in Beginner Friendly Fitness & Martial Arts Classes taught by expert instructors. Two Bay Area Locations near Sunnyvale and Santa Clara & East San Jose and Evergreen.

New class on Thurs. 5:30pm!

In our quest to develop the best jiu-jitsu program for our students, the Thursday 5:30pm class is now going to a BJJ core fundamentals technique class. In this gi class, Head BJJ instructor Michael Jen and his purple belts, Crystina Coats and Lou Noble, will be covering the fundamental techniques of the Smash BJJ curriculum that every white belt needs to know to get to blue belt.  This class is also highly recommended for colored belts. Though colored belts will recognize all these basic techniques, this class is an opportunity to really get down the fine details. If you look at what separates higher belts from lower belts, it’s the understanding of those fine details. Those who attend the class will be given a copy of the basic curriculum so students can see exactly what it is they know and don’t know.

Functional Fitness and Functional Skills at Smash

Smash has become one of the most popular gyms in the Bay Area because of our fun fitness classes designed to help people of all levels live a healthy and active lifestyle. Our beginner friendly classes have had amazing results helping people reach their fitness goals. We offer a safe and supportive path to reaching your fitness goals. Many of our members have commented that aside from becoming fit, our classes deliver an unique additional benefit. Each one of our specialty fitness classes is taught by expert professionals in each subject. At Smash people are learning functional skills in addition to function fitness.

According to author David Grossman, the human population can be divided into three groups: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. Grossman says that most people are sheep. The vast majority of people are peaceful and would never purposely hurt another person. They lack both the ability and the desire. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a sheep. If you are a sheep then you are probably a non-violent and productive citizen. Sheep are those who choose not to accept any responsibility for the protection of themselves or those around them.

Sheepdogs are those with the ability to fight off the wolves. Sheepdogs are made not born. At Smash we are helping to turn sheep in to sheepdogs. As you are developing these skills and your abilities, your confidence will grow. You will know that if needed, you can protect yourself and loved ones from the wolves of the world. Our members are becoming a community of good people with a unique set of skills that most predators do not possess. All of our classes are taught by expert instructors in specific subjects. Our professional instructors are not only great practitioners but also have a plan to transfer their skills to you in a fun and safe environment. Take as many different classes as you can to soak up the knowledge of these amazing instructors.

Get off those one-size-fits-all exercise machines and learn from an instructors that can transfer his or her expert skills to you. Self-defense and martial arts classes are becoming an incredibly popular way to get in shape and feel great. Through innovative, beginner friendly, and live training methods we are making good people skilled martial artist through their fitness journey. Men and women of all ages who never had martial arts or athletic backgrounds are experiencing things they never thought possible at Smash. Anyone will get good as long as they keep showing up.

Our classes have a strong focus on safety during live but structured training. Injuries are very rare but a bruised ego is common. Everyone starts off the nail but if you can put your ego aside and keep coming to class you will become the hammer, we guarantee it. Once you are trained you will realize it doesn’t matter how tough someone is, it only matters whether they are trained or not.

Anyone serious about self-defense or martial arts should at the very least get a blue belt in BJJ. Anyone serious about self-defense should take our self-defense and combatives classes and learn about knife or gun disarming. Learn how to properly punch and kick in a devastating fashion with our kickboxing and MMA classes. If you are missing classes on this schedule you are passing up an opportunity to not only burn calories in fun classes but to also learn potentially lifesaving skills.

In today’s increasingly dangerous world many people are concerned about self-protection and want to learn to defend themselves. It can be a difficult choice on which gym to join so I would encourage you to get off the internet and try the classes out. At Smash we take our responsibility seriously to give our members the tools to protect themselves. Properly researching gyms or styles of fighting can only be done through visiting gyms and testing the the quality of instruction and training methods. Look for instructors and students that are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their skills in a 100% live situation without hurting you. Good marketing and bold statements does not make realistic self-defense. Pretend fighting with no rules in unlikely scenarios will not help you in when you need it most.

Most importantly, look for instructors and training partners that posses a sheepdog mentality and the drive to protect and help people in all aspects of life. Find a community of people inspiring each other reach their goals and grow together.

Fun & Safe Weapons Training in Smash Self Defense Classes

Everyone had a great time in our Beginner Friendly Self-Defense & Combatives Class at Smash! This class covers a wide variety of self-defense topics including weapons training, striking, grappling and more. Every class is a great workout, fun and taught by an authority on the each subject. All fitness and experience levels are welcomed.

Our last class covered gun disarming techniques. One important aspect of our new self-defense program that will differentiate it from many other programs is our training methods. We give our students the ability to train with full resistance in live scenarios to truly test and master techniques and strategies. You don’t have to take someone’s word for or buy into marketing, you can come see and feel it work.

Obviously if someone is pointing a real gun at you, the best thing to do is comply with their request, unless their request is something you’re not willing to give up. If someone pulls out a gun and asks for your wallet, you should hand it over in a second.

It will most likely never happen, but what if someone pulls out a gun with the intention of hurting you or someone you love? You should decide ahead of time what line someone needs to cross before you’d be willing to risk your life and fight.

What are your options? Can you outrun the bullet? Obviously not. In reality, it’s going to be very difficult to kick or punch a gun from a person’s hand while they are attacking you. All they have to do is point and squeeze. You could try to knock them out with a punch or kick, or eye gouge them, or groin kick them, and all those options could possibly work. You would have to test it and measure the results to know for sure.

How realistically can you train those options against full resistance? Can you can find partners tough enough to let you really punch them and eye gouge them full power without protective gear so that you can perform a real test?

The most important thing is to test and train weapons disarm techniques in a realistic simulation to the real thing. If eye gouging is your solution, you don’t know if you can really eye gouge someone effectively unless you’ve really done it in that scenario. Not your instructor, not their instructor. YOU. If you have not ever done it live how do you expect to perform under the stress of a real life or death situation? The benefit of practicing our system of disarming techniques is that you can do it for real, safely, against someone who is resisting 100%.

Our self-defense program is beginner friendly and safe but we will go live. Defending against exactly one technique that you know your opponent is going to do is not live. You have to test theories in a live, unpredictable, unchoreographed, competitive situation to truly learn what will work and to ingrain those responses into your instinctive reactions. If a beginner is going with a more experienced student, the experienced person can modulate their level of resistance to an appropriate level, so that the beginner can learn. We will all lose and we will all win sometimes. The more we lose, the more we learn. You will gain confidence over time from developing a real skills and experience.

Here are a few of the tips from last night’s class!

Unarmed vs Armed Key Points from last night’s class:
– Watch for the attacker’s hands going to the waistband
– During a scuffle feel for the hands going to the waistband
– If the attacker initiates the draw, pressure in and put all your weight on their hand to stuff the draw
– If an attacker gets the gun out, avert the muzzle from your body, get your body close to the gun, get your two hands on the gun/their wrist and try to disarm.
– For semi-automatic pistols, if you have your hand wrapped around the slide firmly and the opponent pulls the trigger, the gun will not cycle and will not function until he pulls the slide back. It won’t hurt your hand at all if you’re gripping firmly because all the hot gases will go out the front of the barrel.
– If you’re in a stalemate(one hand vs one hand or two hands vs two hands on the gun), then use your positional skills to improve your position until you can isolate their arm. This is where all the fun happens, you’re basically just doing jiu-jitsu with no hands.
– Technique is less important than the sensitivity and timing you develop from going live with resistance. When you go live, it doesn’t look like what you practiced statically without resistance.
– It’s not over until it’s over. People seemed to have a hard time believing that someone could take multiple shots and keep fighting. That’s really one of the most important lessons. You can keep fighting a lot longer than you would think based on Hollywood depictions of gunshots.

Below is a video of one of our instructors participating in a more intense version of what we do in our beginner friendly classes.  Beginners in our classes will be start off by training in a fun and lower intensity version of the video below. Beginner training at Smash will be on a safe padded mat with a fake gun and under the supervision of instructors. This video is of self-defense weapon disarming techniques done in a gravel pit with a paint ball gun and protective gear. 

Self-Defense Training at Smash!

Get a great workout and learn Self-Defense during our Fun & Beginner Friendly Self-Defense Combatives Class Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. Men and women will be separated in this class and different material will be covered for each group. No gi is required in the Class.

In this fun and important class, women will be taught how to properly control positioning on the ground, avoid injury, disengage from an assailant, stand up, and escape.

The simple and effective material that will be covered is designed to give women a solid plan very quickly. Typically when a woman is attacked the attacker isn’t trying to box or kickbox her. Often an attacker will grab a woman and attempt to manhandle and control her until he is in a dominant position. Our program is the ideal solution for that type of situation.

Men will be shown how to control an attacker, and then eliminate the threat. Even the best strikers on Earth (boxers & kickboxers) do not want to clinch but need a referee in the ring to rip them apart every few seconds. Learn from experts what to do on the street when there is not that third man breaking it up.

This class compliments our Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Class that also has a strong emphasis on self-defense from a variety of different martial arts.

Anyone can try it Free! Bring a Friend!

Self-Defense Classes

Self-Defense Classes!

Beginner Self-Defense & Combatives at Smash!

Our new Smashfit-Beginner Self-Defense & Combatives Class was a hit!

This class is designed for people with absolutely no martial arts experience and those interested in learning how to use Jiu-Jitsu technique for self-defense rather than sport. This is a no gi class. Jiu-Jitsu Combatives is the base for the US ARMY Combatives.

The techniques taught in this class have been tested over and over again in real life encoutners. The reason why the US Army adopted this curriculum as their base is because you are able to safely test them at full force to show the effectiveness. Our instructors have a deep technical knowledge of body mechanics and leverage so these techniques can work on anyone regardless of size or strength difference. Jiu-Jitsu combatives were designed for smaller and weaker people to safely control bigger and stronger people. The US Army and various Law Enforcement Agencies have recognized this and now seek our Jiu-Jitsu instruction for unarmed combat.

In this beginner friendly class, there is NO live sparring in which people will be really trying to punch or submit beginners. Students will be able to learn jiu-jitsu combatives and self-defense techniques in a non-competitive introductory class that has been designed for all fitness and skill levels.  All technique taught can be applied easily regardless of body type or athleticism.

While knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can be invaluable for everyone, when it comes to self-defense, it is especially important for women! When a woman is attacked, the typical attacker isn’t trying to box or kickbox her.   While a few strikes may be involved, an larger and stronger attacker will often grab a woman and attempt to manhandle and control her until he is in a dominant position.  Our Jiu-jitsu program is the ideal solution for that type of situation.

The Smash Gyms Instructors have strong focus on safety at all times. Students will train with like-minded partners they are comfortable working with in a structured, cooperative, and fun learning environment.  Feel free to jump in and try it out!

On a historical side note for those who may not know, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was originally designed for streetfighting and the sport evolved from that. The point system in sport BJJ is based on what was considered the most dominant positions from which to control and submit or strike an opponent in a streetfight.

Back in the early 90’s, before the UFC, the early pioneers of Jiu-jitsu in the United States made a name for themselves from challenging other styles. These challenge matches were true no holds barred fights with no gloves or any protective gear in which everything was allowed and nothing was off limits- punches, kicks, knees headbutts, elbow, groins strikes, etc….

Now, with the growth of modern MMA, BJJ works along side other martial arts. It wasn’t like this back in the early 90’s.  It was BJJ vs. everyone else.  The Gracie family had their “Gracie Challenge”, but this challenge was adopted by literally every Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner regardless of belt color who came to the US. There was no concept of advertising and promotion in BJJ as we know today. They got their name out simply from put out challenges and showcasing their style in actual combat.

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At Smash we workout in supportive and friendly group classes with professional instruction. We strive to make every class a semi-private lesson with an expert in their field. Every class is a beginner friendly, a great workout and lots of fun. Feel free to share on your wall!


Beginner Friendly Self-Defense and Fitness Classes

Self-Defense classes for Santa Clara and Sunnyvale! The Smash Gyms Self-Defense program is designed to help you have Fun, Get Fit, and Learn Self-Defense! All fitness levels and age groups are welcomed. Our staff of experienced and welcoming instructors will help you build confidence in any self-defense situation.

Any women that join our Self-Defense program also has free access to our Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling class on Sundays! This class will allow you to learn effective ground techniques in a non-threatening and friendly environment. Also women that attend our regular BJJ classes throughout the week will only be partnered and grapple with other women until they are ready to grapple co-ed. There a lot of women of all ages that join our fitness and martial arts programs. Try it free!

Krav Maga and Women’s Self Defense Seminars at Smash Gyms

Smash Gym’s staff runs one of the most experienced and innovative self-defense programs in the Bay Area. One of the only self-defense programs in California that uses fully padded mock assailant instructors. This equipment allows the instructors to teach self-defense to students in an safe but realistic adrenalized state which helps them learn how to fight through the “freeze response” that naturally happens when attacked. This also allows the participants to practice real life application of the techniques with 100% full force for a fun, unique and possibly life-saving experience!

Topics often include..

-Full Force Self Defense in realistic scenarios
-Risk reduction
-Risk avoidance; and
-Self-realization of your own physical power

The Smash Gyms Self-Defense program is ran by  some of the most experienced and professional martial arts instructors in the Bay Area. Expert professionals teach every class.

If you want to truly learn a subject you need to see an authority on the matter. If you want to learn how to throw kicks and punches at the highest level you need to find a kickboxing coach. Nothing makes a person ready, aware, ferocious, in shape like taking our self-defense classes. If you want to protect yourself, control and then submit an attacker in a one on one fight you should take BJJ classes. If you want to learn to knife fight then find an expert! None of these fighting styles is an expert in every situation. Every one of them is an expert in many situations though.


All women that join our Women’s Self-Defense Program also get FREE access to our Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes!