Transformation at Smash Gyms in Sunnyvale

Congratulations to Sunnyvale Smash Gyms Member Ibrahim for such amazing progress! One of our many success stories at Smash. Our instructors take a proactive interest in every member’s goals and progression. Our members receive top quality instruction in addition to the community support that our wonderful members provide. We’ll change your life! Below is an excerpt from Ibrahim’s Facebook post.

“…the main point in writing all of this is to tell all of you that Smash Gyms has changed and, in a certain way, saved my life. I GUARANTEE that you will see results in anything that you do, be it Jiu Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning, Kickboxing, or any of the other classes taught there by people who have in depth experience. I repeat again that Smash Gyms has changed my life. It has been a refuge for me when school became overwhelming. It has been the one real constant thing in my life in the past year.” – Ibrahim


Ibrahim takes Smash Gyms Strength & Conditioning Classes 3 times a week!

Smash is located on the border of Santa Clara & Sunnyvale. Just one mile from the new 49er Stadium and Rivermark Plaza!

One thought on “Transformation at Smash Gyms in Sunnyvale

  1. I have to agree with you! I have been at smash almost a year. I went from 299 to 245 and falling. For the past few years i lost quite a bit but hit a plateau. The Smash family and Micheal Jen’s guidance helped me drop the weight and gain back lost mobility and conditioning. To give you an idea that is almost 3 pant sizes and 1 full shirt size.
    Rudy asked my what my goals were when i joined the Gym. I said that i wanted to lose weight. I saw changes in a month but after almost a year i believe we have met that goal and SMASHED IT.

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