Beginner Friendly Self-Defense and Fitness Classes

Self-Defense classes for Santa Clara and Sunnyvale! The Smash Gyms Self-Defense program is designed to help you have Fun, Get Fit, and Learn Self-Defense! All fitness levels and age groups are welcomed. Our staff of experienced and welcoming instructors will help you build confidence in any self-defense situation.

Any women that join our Self-Defense program also has free access to our Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling class on Sundays! This class will allow you to learn effective ground techniques in a non-threatening and friendly environment. Also women that attend our regular BJJ classes throughout the week will only be partnered and grapple with other women until they are ready to grapple co-ed. There a lot of women of all ages that join our fitness and martial arts programs. Try it free!

Krav Maga and Women’s Self Defense Seminars at Smash Gyms

Smash Gym’s staff runs one of the most experienced and innovative self-defense programs in the Bay Area. One of the only self-defense programs in California that uses fully padded mock assailant instructors. This equipment allows the instructors to teach self-defense to students in an safe but realistic adrenalized state which helps them learn how to fight through the “freeze response” that naturally happens when attacked. This also allows the participants to practice real life application of the techniques with 100% full force for a fun, unique and possibly life-saving experience!

Topics often include..

-Full Force Self Defense in realistic scenarios
-Risk reduction
-Risk avoidance; and
-Self-realization of your own physical power

The Smash Gyms Self-Defense program is ran by  some of the most experienced and professional martial arts instructors in the Bay Area. Expert professionals teach every class.

If you want to truly learn a subject you need to see an authority on the matter. If you want to learn how to throw kicks and punches at the highest level you need to find a kickboxing coach. Nothing makes a person ready, aware, ferocious, in shape like taking our self-defense classes. If you want to protect yourself, control and then submit an attacker in a one on one fight you should take BJJ classes. If you want to learn to knife fight then find an expert! None of these fighting styles is an expert in every situation. Every one of them is an expert in many situations though.


All women that join our Women’s Self-Defense Program also get FREE access to our Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes!