Smash Gyms Grapplers medal in wrestling, judo, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu!

This past Saturday, Evan Flores and Sebastian Marin competed in the  Megatron World Wrestling championships in Fresno, CA.  Evan placed 1st in the 115lb. division and Sebastian placed 2nd in the 140 lbs. division.

On the same day in San Fransisco, Nora Cooper and Fernando Alarcon competed in the Mitchell Palacio Open Jiu-jitsu Tournament.  Both competitors placed 2nd in their respective divisions taking home silver.

The next day, Derek Jen, Aaron Jen, Jonah David, and Jovina David competed in the CCSF Judo Invitational Tournament.  Each one of the kids performed extremely well as they all placed 1st in their respective divisions!

Congratulations to all the Smash Gyms competitors on a great performances!

Check out some of the highlights of the competitors at the Mitchell Palacio Open Jiu-jitsu Tournament!


Here are the highlights of the kids at the CCSF Judo Invitational Tournament!

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