Last weekend Smash Kids Martial Arts student, Louie Noble Jr., competed in the Santa Clara PAL Judo Invitational.  Louie faced some really big and tough opponents in this local event and fought very well.  Louie placed 2nd and look home the silver medal!

Then on May 24, Aaron Jen competed in the 2013 Ganesa Cup Judo Open Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia. This international competition hosted competitors from Indonesia, Australia, France, Malaysia, Singapore, and Russia.  Aaron represented the USA. The skill level of all the kids the teens was extremely impressive.  It was very interesting to see the various styles of judo and how they differed from what Aaron had experienced competing in the USA.  The kids in this single elimination competition were grouped only by weight (no age or belt color separation). Aaron came out strong and won all his matches, placing 1st in his division.

Congratulations to both boys on their stellar performances!

Check out the action packed highlights!  To watch in HD, change the quality setting when the video begins.

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Great performances at the San Mateo Boys & Girls Club Judo Development Tournament

Louie Noble Jr., Derek Jen, and Aaron Jen competed in the May 2013 San Mateo Boys and Girls Club Judo Developmental Tournament.  This is a small informal tournament put on 4 times a year for kids to give beginners competition experience.

Aaron was in a division in which he rolled though all 4 of his matches with ease and used the opportunity to try techniques he had not pulled off in competition before.  Derek was in a really tough division.  Not only was his division filled with kids his belt level and higher, but many of the kids were also significantly  heavier.  Derek ended up winning 4 out of his 6 matches.  Louie Noble Jr. dominated and won all 6 of his matches by either pinning or throwing his opponents for ippon.

In the end, Louie and Aaron placed 1st and Derek placed 3rd in their respective divisions.

Check out the highlights!  To watch in HD, simply change the quality setting on the player when the video begins!

New Kids Class for 3 years old and up!

Until now our popular Smash Gyms Kids Martial Arts classes have only been for ages 5 and up. Starting in June we will launch our new Little Smashers Program! This class will be for ages 3 and up. This exciting new class will have a strong focus on safety, developing coordination and having fun! Our exceptional kids martial arts classes are taught by professional instructors with a definitive curriculum. Smash has one of the largest kids martial arts programs in the South Bay Area including kids karate, kids brazilian jiu-jitsu (bjj), kids kickboxing classes, and kids tutoring.

The Smash Gyms Kids Martial Arts Program can and WILL help your child increase their confidence, self-esteem, discipline, while teaching them self-defense skills that will last them a lifetime! In our programs your child will be able to progress at their very own pace. We understand that everyone learns differently. Whether your child can only train once a week or everyday we have the program that will fit your needs.

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Kids Martial Arts Classes

Our kids Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, and Kickboxing programs have had rave reviews from parents. Try a Free Week of classes! We have classes for the whole family!

Fun & Safe Weapons Training in Smash Self Defense Classes

Everyone had a great time in our Beginner Friendly Self-Defense & Combatives Class at Smash! This class covers a wide variety of self-defense topics including weapons training, striking, grappling and more. Every class is a great workout, fun and taught by an authority on the each subject. All fitness and experience levels are welcomed.

Our last class covered gun disarming techniques. One important aspect of our new self-defense program that will differentiate it from many other programs is our training methods. We give our students the ability to train with full resistance in live scenarios to truly test and master techniques and strategies. You don’t have to take someone’s word for or buy into marketing, you can come see and feel it work.

Obviously if someone is pointing a real gun at you, the best thing to do is comply with their request, unless their request is something you’re not willing to give up. If someone pulls out a gun and asks for your wallet, you should hand it over in a second.

It will most likely never happen, but what if someone pulls out a gun with the intention of hurting you or someone you love? You should decide ahead of time what line someone needs to cross before you’d be willing to risk your life and fight.

What are your options? Can you outrun the bullet? Obviously not. In reality, it’s going to be very difficult to kick or punch a gun from a person’s hand while they are attacking you. All they have to do is point and squeeze. You could try to knock them out with a punch or kick, or eye gouge them, or groin kick them, and all those options could possibly work. You would have to test it and measure the results to know for sure.

How realistically can you train those options against full resistance? Can you can find partners tough enough to let you really punch them and eye gouge them full power without protective gear so that you can perform a real test?

The most important thing is to test and train weapons disarm techniques in a realistic simulation to the real thing. If eye gouging is your solution, you don’t know if you can really eye gouge someone effectively unless you’ve really done it in that scenario. Not your instructor, not their instructor. YOU. If you have not ever done it live how do you expect to perform under the stress of a real life or death situation? The benefit of practicing our system of disarming techniques is that you can do it for real, safely, against someone who is resisting 100%.

Our self-defense program is beginner friendly and safe but we will go live. Defending against exactly one technique that you know your opponent is going to do is not live. You have to test theories in a live, unpredictable, unchoreographed, competitive situation to truly learn what will work and to ingrain those responses into your instinctive reactions. If a beginner is going with a more experienced student, the experienced person can modulate their level of resistance to an appropriate level, so that the beginner can learn. We will all lose and we will all win sometimes. The more we lose, the more we learn. You will gain confidence over time from developing a real skills and experience.

Here are a few of the tips from last night’s class!

Unarmed vs Armed Key Points from last night’s class:
– Watch for the attacker’s hands going to the waistband
– During a scuffle feel for the hands going to the waistband
– If the attacker initiates the draw, pressure in and put all your weight on their hand to stuff the draw
– If an attacker gets the gun out, avert the muzzle from your body, get your body close to the gun, get your two hands on the gun/their wrist and try to disarm.
– For semi-automatic pistols, if you have your hand wrapped around the slide firmly and the opponent pulls the trigger, the gun will not cycle and will not function until he pulls the slide back. It won’t hurt your hand at all if you’re gripping firmly because all the hot gases will go out the front of the barrel.
– If you’re in a stalemate(one hand vs one hand or two hands vs two hands on the gun), then use your positional skills to improve your position until you can isolate their arm. This is where all the fun happens, you’re basically just doing jiu-jitsu with no hands.
– Technique is less important than the sensitivity and timing you develop from going live with resistance. When you go live, it doesn’t look like what you practiced statically without resistance.
– It’s not over until it’s over. People seemed to have a hard time believing that someone could take multiple shots and keep fighting. That’s really one of the most important lessons. You can keep fighting a lot longer than you would think based on Hollywood depictions of gunshots.

Below is a video of one of our instructors participating in a more intense version of what we do in our beginner friendly classes.  Beginners in our classes will be start off by training in a fun and lower intensity version of the video below. Beginner training at Smash will be on a safe padded mat with a fake gun and under the supervision of instructors. This video is of self-defense weapon disarming techniques done in a gravel pit with a paint ball gun and protective gear. 

Transformation at Smash Gyms in Sunnyvale

Congratulations to Sunnyvale Smash Gyms Member Ibrahim for such amazing progress! One of our many success stories at Smash. Our instructors take a proactive interest in every member’s goals and progression. Our members receive top quality instruction in addition to the community support that our wonderful members provide. We’ll change your life! Below is an excerpt from Ibrahim’s Facebook post.

“…the main point in writing all of this is to tell all of you that Smash Gyms has changed and, in a certain way, saved my life. I GUARANTEE that you will see results in anything that you do, be it Jiu Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning, Kickboxing, or any of the other classes taught there by people who have in depth experience. I repeat again that Smash Gyms has changed my life. It has been a refuge for me when school became overwhelming. It has been the one real constant thing in my life in the past year.” – Ibrahim


Ibrahim takes Smash Gyms Strength & Conditioning Classes 3 times a week!

Smash is located on the border of Santa Clara & Sunnyvale. Just one mile from the new 49er Stadium and Rivermark Plaza!