Smash Kids represent at Makimoto Judo Club Invitational Tournament

Smash Kids represented at the 2013 Makimoto Judo Club Judo Invitational Tournament weekend! This competition was sponsored by the Vacaville Police Activites League (PAL).

This was Derek Jen’s second competition and he had an incredible performance.  He won every one of his matches in under 5 seconds and took 1st place.

Aaron Jen was in a division that was a mix of his belt level and higher.  He had a huge bracket and had 6 matches.  Aaron won all his matches and took 1st place.

Louie Noble Jr. competed in his first judo competition. Louie was going against some experienced competitors and ended up taking 3rd place!  Awesome work!

Here are the highlights with all three boys….

All Star #2 BJJ Tournament not just for the young guns

The All Star #2 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament was a 2 day event held this past weekend in Santa Cruz, CA.  Brian Kuhn, Patrick Kong, and Tom Lopez represented the Smash Gyms Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Program.

Brian continued his undefeated streak in BJJ competition and took 1st place in his division.  Tom Lopez had a dominating performance and also placed 1st in his division.  Patrick Kong decided to compete in a different division with the younger competitors and placed 2nd.  Congratulations!

These hard working students showed that skill in BJJ is not limited by age and that dedication to training can produce great results whether you are in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s!



Smash Gyms represents at the 65th Annual San Jose Buddhist Judo Invitational

The San Jose Buddhist Judo Invitational Tournament is the largest judo competition in the Bay Area.  Held at the San Jose State University Event Center, this competition attracts top competitors from clubs all throughout California.  Smash Gyms Kids Martial Arts Program student Aaron Jen competed in a very tough pool that combined yellow and orange belts.  Aaron put in a great effort, especially against the opponents of higher rank, and placed 3rd.  Great job on some very hard fought matches!

On an interesting side note, over 12 years ago, Aaron’s father and Smash Gyms’ head Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor, Michael Jen, competed and medaled in this same event.

On the left, medal won by Michael Jen in 2001 and on the right, medal won by Aaron Jen in 2013.

New Strength & Conditioning Instructors making noise at Smash!

Smash Gyms Strength & Conditioning Program has grown rapidly in the last six months because of our awesome instructors. If you take this class you DO NOT need personal training. Our certified personal trainers and veteran instructors strive to help each member of the program reach their fitness potential. You will get stronger and faster if you come to our classes. Our members have seen amazing progress in their fitness level. This beginner friendly class has a strong focus on safety and performance results!

Below are some highlights of just a few of our members amazing progress. Many others have also seen amazing results.

When Joe Silveria first started he couldn’t do a pull up. Now he can do 12 pull ups! His deadlift went from  255lbs to 475lbs!

Debbie Sanchez was not able to do one pull up. Now she can do 3! She can now overhead squat her body weight. She can also clean and jerk 115lbs!

Prathap Muthana doubled his squat! When he started the program he could squat only 95lbs. Now he can do over 205lbs!

Sherry He could only dead lift 75lbs 5x when she first started. Now she can deadlift 145lbs 5 times!

Bertilla Meow could only deadlift 113lbs and is now up to 173lbs!

16 year-old Ibrahim Elsakka has seen amazing improvement as well. His deadlift increased from 113lbs to 315lbs!

His squat 175lbs to 225lbs; Front Squat 135 to 210lbs; and 400m run from :74 seconds  to :69 seconds.

Try a Free Week! Smash is located in Sunnyvale on the Santa Clara border. We have beginner friendly group fitness classes seven days a week.

Krav Maga Testing and Promotions!

Congratulations to the Smash Gyms Krav Maga students who tested this past weekend!  Their grueling exam tested every student’s mental and physical limits.

Practitioner Level 1 Test Graduates: Eddie Garcia, Sean Carty, Travis Grusecki, Hannah Lipsky, Naomi Harel, Andrzej Matłosz, and Viola Chung.

Practitioner Level 2 Test Graduates: Cris Neckar and Brad Stenning.

Brothers compete at the Boys & Girls Club Judo Development Tournament

Smash Gyms Kids Martial Arts students, Derek and Aaron Jen, competed this past Saturday at the San Mateo Boys and Girls Club Judo Development Tournament.  This was Derek’s first judo competition and he was in a division where he was the only white belt.  He had 7 matches, all against colored belts, and ended up taking 2nd place.  Aaron also had some really tough opponents in his division.  He won all 4 of matches and took 1st place.  Big congratulations to the brothers for taking home gold and silver!

Here are the highlights from the event!  To watch in HD, simply change the quality setting when the player starts.