Rank promotions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Krav Maga, and Kickboxing!

The Smash Gyms Holiday Party was highlighted with rank promotions for many deserving students.   These students have worked hard and shown incredible dedication to their training.

In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu….Jess Ramos, Rogelio Morales, Arturo Galano, Jay Gurusamy, Justin Cunha, and Wilson Yeung were promoted to blue belt by BJJ head instructor Michael Jen.  These students have been training consistently for the past 2 years and have shown great progress in their skills on the mat.

In Judo….Aaron Jen was promoted to the rank of yellow belt by Judo black belt Chad Himeda.  Aaron has done extremely well in judo tournaments and is eager to compete at the next level.


In Krav Maga….Desiree Mendel, Sookie Ignacio, Hallie Fowler, and Gabrielle Blanc passed their test with flying colors and were promoted to Level 2 practitioner in Krav Maga. Krav Maga is most popular with women because you don’t actually spar live. Krav Maga doesn’t teach you how to fight, it teaches you how to avoid a fight!





In Kickboxing….Gabriella Anaya, Meagan Eaton, Giselle Marie, and Suhas Harihar had passed the Level 2 kickboxing exam and were promoted by Kickboxing head instructor Brian Kuhn.  All of them have shown great progress and Brian looks forward to taking their abilities even further.


A big congratulations to everyone who was promoted and keep up the good work!

Smash Gyms competitors medal at CCSF Judo Invitational Tournament

This past Sunday, Smash Gyms competitors Rogelio Morales and Aaron Jen competed at the CCSF Judo Invitational Tournament in San Fransisco, CA.  Rogelio, competing in the adult division, placed 2nd.   Aaron, competing in the kids division, placed 1st.  Congratulations!

The CCSF tournament marks the end of the 2012 judo competition season.  Both have made excellent progress in their judo training this year.  We look forward to seeing both continue their progress in the new year.



Here are some highlights of Aaron at the CCSF Judo Invitational.