Smash Gyms at the BJJ US Open

Santa Clara – The Smash Gyms Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team had a great showing at the 2012 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu US Open held in San Jose CA at Independence High School. The US Open is one of the largest and most prestigious BJJ tournaments in the US. After two days of hard fought competition, the team brought home 4 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze medals. At last years 2011 US Open, Smash brought home six medals with only being opened for less than a year. We expect Smash Jiu-Jitsu to have continued success as a program and a growing medal count every year in both local and nationally recognized sport jiu-jitsu tournaments.

Big congratulations to everyone involved with the Smash Gyms BJJ program. Our success is the result of a team effort from all the competitors, coaches and training partners!

The success Smash has had since we opened in January 2011 is a testament to the dedicated team of instructors and amazing members we have training every night at the gym. Most of our Jiu-jitsu students choose not to compete regularly. We believe that our training environment is unique in that both competitors and hobbyist can find a supportive, friendly, and knowledgable staff and training partners ready to help anyone reach their personal goals.


Here’s a highlight video of some of our Smash competitors in action!

Smash Gyms Kids Martial Arts represents at 2012 Albany Judo Invitational

This past Sunday, Oct. 21st, Smash Gyms Kids Martial Arts program student, Aaron Jen, competed for the first time in judo at the 2012 Albany Judo Invitational.  Different from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu where the emphasis is on the ground, one of the main goals in order to win in judo competition is to throw your opponents flat on their back.   He had several tough matches and ended up placing 1st in his division.  Big congratulations to Aaron!





Here are some quick highlights of Aaron in action!

More Crime and Less Cops in San Jose

Increased crime and a shrinking police force in San Jose and the rest of the Bay Area has created a large influx of new inquires to Smash. Many people are interested in Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and overall self-defense. Our existing members are training hard to increase their physical fitness and to develop a strong skill-set to have confidence in their training and day to day life.

We make sure you have a great time training at Smash! Our top priority is for you to have fun while you get faster and stronger in our fitness classes while learning realistic self-defense from our marital arts classes. Remember that all this fun can save your life one day! 🙂

All the fitness & Self- Defense classes at Smash create a comprehensive schedule that allows anyone to get the best shape of their life and learn life saving techniques from world class instructors.

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